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This is awesome. I want to post this everywhere!!

Boyd Waters

The world is changing. We need strong people like Amanda/Lou.


I am happy you are who you are you are an individual and I appreciate it I wish everyone could be like that and not not worry๐Ÿ˜€ It saddens me everytime an individual hides who they really are I am a proud women ( who really should of grown up in the 70's as I really hate bras aim a D cup) I'm married with a 10 and 5 year old girls I love being a mom but I'm not sure sure sure about being married??? I have been mistaken for a 16 year old very recently so I guess that helps?? I have never been happy with who I am I am not fat by any means I wear a size 3 juniors but I am embarrassed by my body between having breasts and stretch marks and I envy all of you and I am proud of you were I live having an eyebrow, lip, amg. nose ring make u an outsider and I took all out just to feel comfortable ( though looking in the mirror makes me hate myself even more) I wish I had the courage each and everyone of you have ( I'm sorry for going on and on I've been very depressed lately cause I hate who I've become) cause of my body and a little acne ( not much Just enough to make me wish I kn about makeup)


And also I feel like I can't take a nice pic everyone i c is absolutely stunning and you all should be very proud of you selves ๐Ÿ˜€

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