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when are you going to do a book of short stories and photographs? i would buy it :)

I always like seeing your work and hearing your voice describe what you are doing and who the people are, as well as the references you make to iconic photographers, more than doubles the pleasure. Just in this series you traverse the different media styles I have seen of yours over the years, ending with the flourishes of color and reconceptualization that has a captivating/motivating effect. I agree with Amanda, a book please?

Oh Richard, you are so lovely to me!!!!! I am doing my favorite thing right now: Spending a weekday morning at a cafe. Today, however, it's combined with another one of my favorite things: Seeing beautiful work, loving art, being inspired.... wanting to cry a little, missing Boston, loving the photos we've taken... I've spent so much time looking through your pages this morning that I've forgotten what else I came here to do.

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